Every inch of this landlocked village is steeped in history. A brilliant romanesque bridge leads you into the old town where the cobbled architecture and character of the narrow streets lends fantasy to the medieval past. Get lost in this beautifully preserved town and try many of the local delicacies including their liquor which is made from lemon peels. A great attraction is the museum of miniatures with works the size of needle points, whereby you have to look through a magnifying glass to see the detail of the art. There are also Jewish bath houses and synagogues & the famous church of St Pere.  If you want to impress any of the locals you can inform them of your knowledge the well named Wilfred the Hairy who was credited with unifying Catalonia and was the count of Besalu at one time. The most effective way to arrive apart from by car is to take a train to Girona from many of the major stations in Barcelona. There is then a bus straight outside the train station which takes 15 minutes to Besalu. There is also a bus directly to Besalu from Barcelona with the company Telsa, however trips are limited and it takes nearly 2 hours. You can also combine this trip with many other towns in and around Girona

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