Dans Le Noir

A unique dining experience

Have you ever tried eating in the dark? This experience called “Dans le Noir” originated in Paris in the late 90’s. A concept whereby the removal of vision and hence the brainpower used for ocular purposes allows for your other senses to increase, specifically that of taste, providing a heightened gastronomic experience and pleasure.

This is the sole representative of the European-wide chain of Dans Le Noir restaurants in Barcelona. You are sat with and next to other diners you probably won’t know and there’s even “guessing courses” whereby you are provided with a meal you cannot see and only have your taste buds to guide you. This is also applied to wine, where quite surprisingly most people mistake red and white wine without their usual visual periphery.

Dans le noir describe themselves as more than a restaurant, a uniquely human and sensory experience. Even to the entrance to your seat you will be asked to put a blindfold on and led to your table by a human chain of hands on shoulders. The restaurant has also historically worked very closely with The Paul Guinot Association for people with visual impairments and they are dedicated to raising awareness for the visually impaired. So much so that their staff are blind.

An experience that must be tried at least once!

Dans le Noir recommends booking a week in advance.

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