Waikiki Beach

A true hidden gem and one of the best kept secrets in Catalunya. Cala Fonda nicknamed Waikiki after the infamous Hawaiian beach, due to its clear waters and perfect sands. Close to Tarragona, the only way to enter the beach is to walk through a forest and climb down a rocky descent. A small adventure itself for which the icing on the cake is the secluded beach. There are no shops around, no restaurants, no vendors that swarm the Barcelona beaches shouting ”Agua, beer, coca cola” every few seconds; so don’t forget to pack big if you plan to spend the whole day there.


You may also see peeple spreading the paste and mud from the yellow rocks on their face as it’s touted as a redeeming salt towards clear and healthy skin. Waikiki is also known as a nudist beach but you’ll hardly be able to tell as there are scarcely any people there. A small cove protected by forests, rocks and vegetation, with an unspoilt beach boasting calm and clear waters.


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