Prat Beach

By no means is Prat beach the most idyllic or beautiful that Barcelona has to offer and it also offers far less facilities and memorable backdrops than the main city beaches. However it is sparsely visited and generally so quiet you could hear a pin drop… Well it’d have to be quite a big pin as the beach is covered by thick sand.  The sounds you’re most likely to hear will be the planes arriving and departing as it is quite close to the airport and your feet crunching the multitudes of seashells as you walk. If you just want to relax, read, swim, sleep, lay for hours and separate yourself from the crowds of Barcelona then make the effort to travel to Prat beach as this is the ideal place for you.

This beach behind the Prat airport extends for nearly 6 kilometres. It is best reached by car but there are also public routes such as a train to El Prat de Llobregat from Plaza Catalunya and Plaza Espanya and then there’s a bus that goes directly to the beach. If it was easy to get to then they’d be more people – Is a good way to look at it.

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