Manchester Bar

A cool bar that’s a great place to talk to and meet new people. A young crowd of Catalans and tourists alike visit Manchester bar to have a drink under it´s red glow. Expect indie and rock music to be blared out from England’s 2nd most populated city, including The Stone Roses, Blur and Oasis. Manchester Bar can fairly boast that it’s one of the best bars in the city, right in the heart of the gothic quarter with happy hour everyday from 19.00 – 22.00. They are very strict on noise control outside of the bar and the locals living above have been known to pour cold water from their balconies on loud visitors, so save you’re screaming for when you’re inside!

At one point they only played music from Manchester but have become more lax on that rule in modern times. The red lighting also sets a unique mood and as the bar is located in a busy area there is always traffic and new faces. You can even check below a video their staff did to get a feel for the ambience of the place.

Mon – Sun: 19.00 – 03.00

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