Fabrica Moritz

To be honest we’re not really sure how to classify this place. Is it a restaurant, a factory, a bar an exhibition space, a bird, a plane? In fact its probably all of those (except the latter two. Maybe… We’re still not certain). Lets start with the beer anyway! It’s the headquarters of the hugely popular Catalan beer; Moritz the pale lager. Sweet though in taste and mixed with water from an exclusive fountain along with pale malts and saaz hops. Inside you’ll find the longest bar in the city inside with a modern and edgy look. Even the walkway to the toilets look like they’ve been built by an advanced race that came back in time because they liked the beer so much. You can try all types of Moritz from bottles, to taps directly connected to the barrels from this original brewery. Theres a restaurant serving tapas and highly rated food and you can tour this factory to see how the beer is made. There’s gift shops and outdoor seating too, a bit of everything glued together by the promise of untainted Catalan beer. Even Radiohead once played here under the fluorescent lighting and metal and brick interior design. It’s definitely worth a visit

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